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SportPlay Playground and Patio Mats

A beautiful, resiliant mat for indoors and out.
SportPlay has been tested and approved for a 2' fall height.
Perfect for toddlers!
Paver tiles for playgrounds, walkways, seniors, care homes, kid's play areas, preschools, patios

The SportPlay Mat is a 1" thick indoor/outdoor, 24"x 24" tile which provides a skid resistant surface, used primarily to soften an existing surface, whether it's a play area or walkway. These tiles weigh approx. 15 ½ lbs. each, and the edges will never curl up. Indoors or outdoors, applications canMake your hard areas more comfortable with resilient rubber patio and walkway pavers. Attractive, long lasting and drains fast. be installed either with adhesive or held together using our 3" connector pins to lock them together. This way you don't have to use a permanent adhesive, and you have the option to move them in the future. Ramps, 48"x 4" (beveled edges) are also available to prevent tripping at the edges and provide a border.

E-MAIL or call: 520-822-5222 for a FREE Sample.

Fitness facilities use this mat primarily in free-weight areas, but also to convert hard floor spaces into aerobic areas. Many sports companies prefer to use this tile throughout the entire facility simply because of the crisp, professional, clean appearance and continuity it gives. 

Playrooms, daycare and all children's areasDaycare facilities use the mats to cover concrete, asphalt, and other hard floors to prevent injury in areas where children are constantly running and falling.

Retirement homes and homes for the elderly use it to prevent broken bones resulting from falls on hard surfaces. Installing these mats is easier and more affordable than the expense of new heavy carpet and the padding required.

Golf Course facilities like our 1" SportPlay Mat because it is a soft surface for tired feet to walk on, and it is spike-proof...whether they are hard spikes or soft spikes, the SportPlay Mat will not be damaged.

The SportPlay Mat is very easy to install either with the adhesive or connector pins. The 1"  thickness makes it easy to cut with a simple utility knife; when using the ramps around the border, a corner piece can be made by simply cutting a 45 degree "miter" cut. The 1" SportMat is most widely used in Black and the four standard Solid Colors: Azure (blue), Gris (charcoal), Terra Cotta (brick red) & Verde(green). Speckled colors and other solid colors are available.

The SportPlay Mat endures the outdoor elements as well as indoors – it is a fast drying surface that cleans very easily with a simple hose outdoors, or a vacuum, broom, or damp mopping indoors… it is water permeable with a grid-pattern bottom allowing for better drainage. 

Pins lock pavers together tightly without glue.The unique “Connector Pins” are another advantage… to further promote a safe and secure installation, each SportPlay Mat has three holes drilled into the edges on all sides, accommodating the three-inch Connector Pin system. This simple system securely anchors each SportPlay paver to the adjacent paver, resulting in a finished installation which will not readily shift of slide out of place. It is highly resistant to lateral movement.

The 1" SportPlay not only is beautiful, it’s also helping the environment by re-cycling old tires…100% non-toxic.

Try them – you’ll appreciate the way the pavers help you to maintain a clean environment. You, your family, clients and guests will all love having a soft, resilient, forgiving surface to walk and stand on. This is a superior flooring for trade show booths. Potential clients will stay longer in your booth!

This surface has been tested and meets ipema specifications for impact attenuation. Certificate here.
Standard Colors:
Rubber patio and play surfaces
Verde Green Brick Red Charcoal Gray Black Azure Blue
Colors are solid, thru and thru.

NEW Colors!!!
We now have exciting new "varigated" colors for the same price as "solid":
Black/Gray, Black/Tan, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Green
safe rubber playground and patio surface safe rubber playground and patio surface safe rubber playground and patio surface safe rubber playground and patio surface safe rubber playground and patio surface
and the gorgeous "Earth", a mixture of Chocolate, Coffee and Terra Cotta.
safe rubber playground and patio surface

Black Mats
Black Ramps Color Mats Color Ramps Connecting Pins
$21.59 ea.
$12.59 $22.69 $13.99 $.45 ea

For non-profits, schools, hospitals, military, 
E-MAIL for discount pricing.
Connecting pins: Use six per tile to install without adhesive. Prices do not include shipping.

Material: durable and stable recycled rubber for durability & shock absorption.
Size: Each tile is 24" x 24" and contains 4 sq. ft. per tile.
Ramps: 4" x 48".
Installation: Difficulty level is 'EASY'. 

You may install SportPlay directly over concrete, asphalt or wood and related solid substrates. If you install over a loose surface such as crushed stones or recycled concrete, we strongly suggest compaction and an intermediate layer of landscaping mesh or geo-textile fabric for stability. 

Click HERE for picture of bottom of  mat.

These pavers and ramps are backed by 5 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Discounts for quantity orders, non-profit organizations, educational & government institutions. Call or E-mail for pricing! 520-822-5222

Outdoor living, health clubs, show facilities, playgrounds, walk ways, elder care, patios, sport areas, preschools and daycare, trade show booth floors

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