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PlayGuard Playground Pavers / Safety Mats
ADA compliant playground matting for protection of children of all ages.
Playground Safety Surface
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We are in the process of changing our supplier of playground tiles.
We have found a wonderful rubber surface that has a 15 year warranty, the best in the industry!!!
Please stay tuned for available colors & details or call/email for more information.

---The Problem---
A child is rushed to the emergency room every three minutes due to playground related injuries. Statistics indicate that nearly 70% of all playground injuries are directly related to falls to the floor below. Recent studies also have found that 80% of the playgrounds in the United States have unsuitable safety surfacing to begin with.
---The Solution---
Rubber playground pavers with a fall-safety cushioning.
Playguard  Playground Safety Surface
rubber playground safety surface
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 Phone: (520) 822-5222

General Information:
Material: Durable and stable recycled rubber for toughness & shock absorption.
Size: Each tile is 24" x 24" and contains 4 sq. ft. per tile.
Specifications : Coming soon: call or e-mail for brochure.
Choosing color - Currently available in Black, Brick Red, Dark Gray and Forest Green, but more colors will be available soon.
Installation: Coming soon.
Pricing: Coming soon...

• Our rubber playground products contain no hazardous materials - our paint and binders are lead-free, and all the crumb rubber used is 100% recycled rubber. Our EPDM particles used for the top " of the special "speckled" colors are virgin rubber and they allow the use of bright colors which recycled rubber does not.

• All  Playground Tiles are 24"x 24" square and 2.5" thick, designed to provide impact attenuation while providing drainage during inclement weather. Kid Kushion Tiles can be produced with a UL Class A or Class B fire rating, if required. Transition pieces, or "Ramps," are also available in the different thicknesses along with specifically molded inside and outside corner pieces.

• Because the rubber  Playground Tile system provides a level and resilient surface, it also provides wheelchair accessibility with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Ramp (24"x 27") that has a 1:12 slope, which exceeds the ADA minimum 1:16 grade slope.

PlayGuard Tile meets the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commissions (CPSC) Standard for Impact Attenuation Under and Around Playground Equipment ( ASTM F1292-04 Compliant ), and became the first playground Manufacturers Association). 

1) The appropriate Thickness: The 2 " thickness is used most frequently, both indoors and outdoors. When installed over concrete or asphalt, it has a drop height rating of 6 ft.
• Standard Solid Colors: Basic Black, 
Brick Red, Dark Gray and Forest Green.
All colored rubber will eventually fade, and these colors have been selected because they withstand the effects of UV sunshine the best.

Safe playground surface  safe playground surface tile color  safe playground surface tile color  safe playground surface tile color  green

Exciting new colors coming!!! EPDM Colors: We are going to be offering wonderful, bright playground colors to fit any color scheme and  proference. Please stay tuned or e-mail us for pictures and more information.

3) Select your method of installation:

               The preferred sub-surface for a PlayGuard rubber playground surface is concrete or asphalt, but it is acceptable to install our product on top of compacted dirt or crushed rock. Professional compacting, finished off with a geo-textile, is strongly recommended. The idea is to have a stable, solid, flat surface with a grade to allow heavy rainfall (water) to drain away from the surface area. You do not want water to puddle beneath the surface for extended periods of time. Dips will form over time and will comprimise the effectiveness of the cushioning and the overall appearance of the surface will not be as pleasing.                   

Specific instructions with pictures and examples coming soon.

Difficulty level is in the easy to intermediate category.

Adhesive may be applied to the base (optional) or installation may be accomplished by means of our connection plates. ThesePlayground installation plate - Quad Bloc plates hold the playground pavers securely but will allow for moving or removing easily at a future date. They are called: Quad Blocs. Picture at right...

A "step-&-repeat" system is suggested to stagger the seams as if you were laying brick-work". This provides for a superior finish and attractive look and allows the entire surface of the flooring to act as a unified interlocking system.

A utility knife or jig saw can used for cutting irregular shapes. To make your cuts accurately, measure twice, cut once. Paper patterns are suggested for unusual shapes. A table saw with a medium toothed blade is easiest for straight cuts. A trowel or paintbrush is needed for gluing purposes. The glue is thick.

This flooring can be used as a free floating system if you use the clips.

You may install rubber playground pavers directly over concrete, asphalt or wood and related solid substrates. If you install over a loose surface such as crushed stones or recycled concrete, we strongly suggest compaction and an intermediate layer of landscaping mesh or geo-textile fabric for stability.

Ramps are available for all thicknesses. The ramps have no connectors and are normally glued to the the ground. If clips are preferred for a totally portable installation, a slot must be cut in the edge ramp for the clip connection. The ADA Compliant Ramps make wheelchair access very easy.

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Ramp is 24" wide by 27" long and has a 1:12 slope, which exceeds the ADA minimum 1:16 grade slope.
You can see what it looks like here! We suggest using two for an extra margin of safety.

**Detailed installation and ground preparation instruction. Click HERE!

Reusable: Playground tiles are Recyclable. This safety paver can be used in many different locations over and over again. "Recyclable" is defined as any product being used more than once (i.e. reusable) as the same product. 

Rubber pavers do not harbor foreign objects, such as glass and dirt, and do not attract nesting insects, dogs and cats, a problem commonly found with loose filled materials. There are no retaining edges needed and is easily accessible to the handicapped. The pavers are also water permeable and drains water away from the surface. It is easy to install and is fully warranted.


       For Outdoor applications:

1. Easiest method is to simply use a hose (with nozzle) across the surface. 
2. For stubborn stains, use a mild cleaning soap, and with a soft bristle brush scrub the affected area. 
3. With clean water, thoroughly rinse any area covered with soap residue.
4. Other option: use a commercial sized vacuum cleaner to remove loose particles from the seams. 

      For Indoor applications:

1.Easiest method is to use a strong (commercial) vacuum cleaner to remove loose particles from the seams and general surface. 
2.Using a damp mop (dipped in mild cleaning soap & water), run mop across surface until dirt is removed. 
3.For stubborn stains, use a mild cleaning soap, and with a soft bristle brush scrub the affected area. 
4.With clean water, thoroughly rinse any area covered with soap residue. 

Recommended Long-term Maintenance:

1. Keep area free of unnecessary debris that could "scar" or damage your rubber surface. 
2. Give your playground surface area a thorough hosing-down at a minimum of once per month. 
3. Keep seams free of loose debris; loose pebbles can accumulate and potentially cause harm to children. 
4. Ensure your PlayGuard Playground Surfacing Mat system has a proper drainage system. Your substrate should have a slope which guides and prevents water from accumulating beneath your mats for any length of time. 

They are also independently laboratory tested exceeding ASTM (American Standard for Testing Material), CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines for: 
• Fall Safety Heights
• Skid Resistance
• Weathering
• Fire Retardant Tests
• Accessibility
Playground Tile Pricing
Fall Height Safety Rating
Solid Black
24" x 24"
Solid Colors
24" x 24"
Speckle Colors
2.5" 6 ft TBA
Discounts for quantity orders, non-profit organizations & government institutions.
Inside and outside corners, tapered edge ramps and ADA compliant ramps are also available.
Prices do not include shipping. 

This flooring is backed by a limited, 5 year warranty to protect you and your playground.  See Warranty HERE.

Call or E-mail for pricing!  Phone: (520) 822-5222

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