Vinyl tile is a good choice for fast draining spa floors, swimming pool decks & non-slip showers floors.
Vinyl Tile Installations by LittleWolf IndustriesPool decking from LittleWolf Industries
This featured installation is at the Marriott Hotel in La Jolla, CA. This is a combination indoor swimming pool and weight room completely floored with vinyl tile. The vinyl tile drastically reduced the danger of slipping on the wet ceramic deck and substantially reduced the noise level in the room, as well.
Vinyl tile is great for swimming pool decks, patios, spa floors, shower floors, boat decks, washrooms, medical care facilities, and any area needing fast draining, non-skid flooring.
Indoor swimming pool deck and weight room at the La Jolla Marriott near San Diego, CA.  Looking at main entrance. Almond & Hunter Green

Marriott LOGO created with vinyl floor tiles in contrasting color.
Inset Marriott LOGO, looking across pool toward Spa area. 
Spa is behind low wall at back, on right.

Marriott pool deck with custom designed curved corners
Custom constructed corners added a truly finished look. 

Chairs were custom ordered to match the swimming pool and spa decking.
The pattern of the tiles lead the clients into the spa area.
This spa deck was custom fitted.
Custom fitting of edge pieces to cut tile provides a clean, professional look for the spa area. 
Marriott LOGO

The good looks of this vinyl flooring around the swimming pool and throughout the weight area created a stunning effect.
Marriott LOGO in vinyl Tiles
The inset Marriott LOGO adds a nice touch to the entire room.

Dark green borders and trim serve to subtly guide clients around the area.
Vinyl tile is impervious to swimming pool chemicals and easy to maintain with hose and fresh water several times a week. Minerals which could accumulate from the splashed swimming pool water drain away, preserving the new look for a long time.

Approximately 2500 sq. ft. of tile were used in this installation.

San Diego Marriott
La Jolla

4240 La Jolla Village Dr.
La Jolla, CA  92037

(619) 587-1414

The Marriott symbol is a registered trademark and property of the Marriott Hotel.


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